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Barcelona, Costa Dorada: culture to be discovered by all.

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White sand beaches and history come together in a territory specially arranged for tourism. Concerts, shows, shopping, museums, gastronomy and a vast offer of services for plenty holidays for families, children, teenagers or professionals.

Welcome Costa Dorada represents one of the most ambitious projects developed in the global diffusion of a broad region. The Costa Dorada is located in Catalonia and comprises a large region that brings together the sea, coast and mountains. The cultural value of this area of the Mediterranean is incalculable. Centuries-old vineyards and a whole culture of wine that transcends borders today. The history of the region goes back to ancient Roman times and fills the territory with monuments that endow it with an unequaled heritage. Its coasts provide the beauty of the Mediterranean and offer its people a culture rooted in the sea and fishing.

The Costa Dorada is one of the most ideal places to enjoy a full, relaxing and full of unforgettable experiences.